Before you get a Pug- Read this!

The popularity of Pugs Pugs have joined the top ten most popular dog breed worldwide. not only in India, in America also Pugs are popular. They are almost everywhere. Telecom companies such as Vodafone have used them as their brand ambassador, saying their network go everywhere the pug goes.  In movies – Men in Black […]

golden retriever puppies in Ranchi

Canine Distemper – a dreadful disease

How dangerous canine distemper really is? Much has been said about canine distemper. you will find much information all over the internet and text. Still, I felt a need to write something about this disease because I have something to say based on my experience. This is a disease of dogs which when affecting dogs […]

a healthy dog

Tips to prevent your pet from skin diseases without drugs

Is it really possible to save pets from getting skin diseases? This year American is expected to spend a whopping 70 billion dollar on their pets. This year American is expected to spend a whopping 70 billion dollar on their Pets. Half of this money accounts for skin problems. This boatload of money can easily […]

slow bowl- Prevent your dog from choking

Wrong Food Bowl can kill your Dog !!

Observation Recently a leading Dog feed company demonstrated a new range of food for dogs. They gave me a lot of samples to try. I tried this food by serving the dogs that came to our clinic. they liked the food very much. I found that some dogs who were anorectic or not eating for some – […]

Food for young puppy

I am writing this article for the first time dog owners. I have seen much death in pups because of feeding wrong food. 6 to 8 weeks of age At this age, a pup should get mothers milk. sometimes it is not possible to keep a pup with the mother and it is at this crucial […]

raw dog food

Feed your dog Raw

Professional dog organisations such racing dogs, police dog or sniffer dogs are fed raw diets all over the world. Yet raw feeding is not in vogue in house dogs. When it comes to feeding dogs veterinarian as well as pet owners care for two things Nutritional Integrity Food safety A dogs diet should be complete […]

food not for dogs

Human Food that your dog should avoid

Don’t feed human food to your dog 1.Milk is good for dogs. Maybe it is good, but milk has its own set of problems when fed to an adult dog. When a dog is young it has enzymes in her stomach to digest milk but as the dog grows up that enzyme is no longer […]

Scientist view on benefits of a Pet

  There is no doubt that living with pets benefits us. Scientist all over the world has tried to quantified the benefit through their research. In this article, we have tried to show some notable benefit of keeping pets. More years to live Some scientist at the University of Pennsylvania it was found that pet […]

Dogs and me

Dogs and me As dog owners, we take for granted that we can point to a ball or toy and our dog will bound off to get it. But the ability of dogs to read human gestures is remarkable. Even our closest relatives—chimpanzees and bonobos—can’t read our gestures as readily as dogs can. Dogs are […] […]

Tips to care a pug

Pug is one of the popular breed of dog in India and all over the world. it has its own set of problems. being a brachycephalic( a short and wide head) dog with bulging eyes, every now and then it gets hurt in eyes. its numerous fold in the mouth is also a problem. Here […]

home cooked food for dogs

Homemade food for Dogs

  Dr Suranjan Sarkar. 11-07-2017 Foods to give For an adult dog Rice, raw and boiled Vegetables, potato, milk products such as Paneer, Curd, Whey, pressure cooked chicken and mutton, Eggs, Chappati (if tolerated), fruits such as apple, mango, litchi, Papaya, Banana, Fish. Foods to Avoid Oil. Salt, Sugar, Chocolate, Milk. Among vegetable tomatoes, onion […]

Your Dog may bite you

Recognise these signs and prevent yourself from getting bitten by your dog

Breeds of dog suited for apartment

Breeds of Dog suited for Apartment Are Dogs suited for Apartment at all!!! It’s difficult to answer such a question from personal point of because i have a pet and i do live in an apartment. I have seen German shepherd, saint bernard,Spitz, pomeranian living in apartment, but perhaps in most of the time i […]

Tips on kissing your pets on International kissing day

Today is international kissing day. Here are the tips to kiss your pets. And if your pet kisses you back you are lucky. 1. Before you kiss a dog, or let a dog kiss your face. 2.Some dogs may not like you to put your face close to theirs. 3.A dog who doesn’t want to be […]

homebred dogs

Noncommercial advise on dogs

Noncommercial advice on Dogs!!! Why this title? This is because almost all the advises floating on the internet about dogs are influenced by big companies. These may be feed company, medicine company or simply by the breeders of dogs – who for earning their bread and butter end up giving some ridiculous advice that ultimately […]

Kennel cough among dogs of Ranchi

Kennel cough is rampant among dogs of Ranchi. People are not aware and they are not vaccinating their dogs for Kennel cough and so some of the dogs especially Pugs, boxer and Labradors are having difficulty breathing and such dogs died of asphyxia. Dogs may still eat as normal and have normal energy levels but […]

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