Persian cat

Persian kitten in Ranchi

    All you need to know about Persian kitten! Persian cats, with their long coat and flat jaw, have become one of the most recognizable cat breeds in the world. Originating in the United Kingdom during the 18th century, these cats have grown to over 200 coloured variations today. This article will take you […]

Pups available

Pups available at various kennel in Ranchi

No Organised Pup or Pet Market in Ranchi. This is the reason pet owners have to trust street vendors for getting a dog.  In fact, there is no breeder in Ranchi. Anybody who is having two or three dogs, claims to be a breeder.  Now that government has set up regulation for breeders no one […]


English Line Labrador pup in Patna

Happy pet shop Patna presents high-quality English line Labrador pup in Patna. English line labrador- a Brief description Labradors bred for show and conformation have become commonly known as English type Labradors as they’re way more common in the UK. English Labs are used for hunting. What Does A Typical English Type Or Show Bred Labrador […]

buy labrador pups in Ranchi

labrador pups in Ranchi

Labrador – most friendly and trustworthy dog Good-tempered, very agile, always hungry,Excellent nose, soft mouth; keen love of water. Adaptable, devoted companion.”  Well known for its kindness, confidence, intelligence and willingness to please, a lab should display all these qualities. “Intelligent, keen and biddable, with a strong will to please. Kindly nature, with no trace […]

Labrador pup for sale at Patna

Labrador pups for sale in Patna

Labrador pups for sale Labrador pups available for sale in Patna. This is from a reputed breeder. Breeder name Raj Raut. Some special characteristics of these pups- The mother and father of these pups were raised in the home of Raj Raut. They live with the family of Raj. They are extremely lovable, have no […]

rottweiler Pups in Patna

Home bred Rottweiler Pups available at Patna

  Happy Pet Shop Patna Happy Pet shop is run by Mr Raj Raut. He is a pet enthusiast from childhood. This is why he chose this profession. Raj is known for the original puppies. Additionally, he is equally known for birds. Raj has never cheated anyone. Sells only the original breeds of dogs. Additionally, […]

Buy dogs in Purnea

Pet point Ranchi

Trusted reputation Here all breeds of Dogs are available. Reputed to sell Dogs for last 10 years. Specialist in Labrador, German Shepherd, pugs, beagle, Doberman. Pet point has won the reputation of dog lovers of Ranchi. Available on 24 th october 2017 Black Labrador Dalmatian puppies Dog buyers may give their details in the comment […]

Labrador puppy Ranchi

Labrador Puppy Ranchi

Cute Labrador Puppy Ranchi <script async src=”//”></script> <!– nre try –> <ins class=”adsbygoogle” style=”display:inline-block;width:320px;height:100px” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-8515350863069350″ data-ad-slot=”7087564027″&gt;&lt;/ins&gt; <script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); </script> These are some of the pictures of a labrador puppy available for adoption from a dog lover. <script async src=”//”></script> <!– nre try –> <ins class=”adsbygoogle” style=”display:inline-block;width:320px;height:100px” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-8515350863069350″ data-ad-slot=”7087564027″&gt;&lt;/ins&gt; <script> (adsbygoogle = […]

Zamp bloodline German Shepherd

Zamp line German Shepherd Puppy at Patna

Zamp line of GSD puppy – Introduction Zamp line or Zamp von Thermodos is a particular bloodline of German Shepherds having very distinct character. Big, strong, high withers, harmonious over the line, very good croup in length and layer, very good angulation of the pre- and hind angulation, balanced proportioned brisket, correct front. Straight gaiting, […]

tiwari kennel ranchi

High quality Labrador and German Shepherd Pups available

High-quality Labrador male and female, as well as German Shepherd male and female, are available in Tiwari Kennel Ranchi. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]   For contacting the breeder  Disclaimer: We are no way involved in adoption or selling dogs. We have a pet clinic in Ranchi. We treat and vaccinate dogs and cats. If […]

Dogs Available

Dog breeder Ranchi- Kumar Dhiraj

A dog breeder with a difference Kumar Dhiraj is a dog breeder with a difference. What differentiates him from other breeder is that he provides top quality pups. His golden retriever pups are truly golden.  Earlier Ranchi was dominated by a few monopolistic dog breeder, who with inferior quality pets used to charge an exorbitant price.  […]

hunting puppies in hawaii

Jack Russell Terrier Pups available in Hawaii, U.S.A

Jack Russell terrier pups are available in Big Island , Hawaii, U.S.A ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]   Bull and French Mastiff-JRT breeder Hawaii Leilani Kaneshiro- “Lei” in short is a well-known World famous dog breeder of Hawaii. A dog breeder for last 30 years in Hawaii, U.S.A. renowned breeder for the bull and French […]

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