Cats prevents Heart Attacks !!!

Yes! It is now a scientifically proven fact that keeping cats as pets lowers your risk of getting a heart attack. In fact it reduces the risk by 40 percent.

Happy Cat with happy owner

This was told by Dr Adnan Qureshi, M.D of Minnesota stroke Institute, Minneapolis. Actually he presented a research paper on studies he conducted. This paper was presented at at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference. His observations were decreased rate of heart attack  among people having a cat. These people were suffering from myocardial infarction. His paper is available here.

How does it works!

Pet ownership is associated with reduction in stress levels.Since Stress is the number one factor in causing heart diseases. In another scientific study it is observed that pet ownership brings down blood pressure. 

Dr Friedmann et al demonstrated that pet owners with medical heart condition have higher chance of survival after one year of follow up.

Now question comes why similar results is not seen in dog ownership!!

Dr Adnan says-

“For years, we have known that psychological stress and anxiety are related to cardiovascular events, particularly heart attacks. Maybe cat owners tend not to have high-stress personalities, or they are just the type of people who are not highly affected by anxiety or high-stress situations.”

but veterinarian are of some different view

“When you get home from work, dogs demand attention. You have to take them for a walk. Dogs need to be fed according to a routine, whereas cats can practically take care of themselves.”

Benefits of keeping catsThere are evidences showing that cat’s purr which emits a high frequency vibration increases bone density.

Cat’s purr have health benefits especially in postmenopausal women and elderly. This can be seen in this video


Housecat’s purr has healing benefits for both cats themselves and humans. Cats purr produces sound intensity at 45 to 64 thousand hertz.  The field of vibrational medicine makes use of this high frequency sound wave to quickly heal an organ or eliminate a bacteria/parasite/fungi. 

Depending on the frequency, the ranges have been labelled as either delta, theta, gamma, beta or alpha. Often these ranges as discussed are- they affect the brain, brain waves and states of consciousness. The range of the house cat’s purr, from 25 to 50Hz, is in the range known as Gamma range.

Gamma is the brainwave state of being “in the Zone,” that feeling that you can do anything. It is associated with a feeling of increased calm, peace and happiness, compassion – a feeling of being one with creation. 

So what are you waiting for!!!  Get yourself  a Cat

Post Author: Dr Suranjan Sarkar

Dr Suranjan Sarkar is a small animal veterinarian, working in this field since 1996. His area of expertise includes emergency and critical care medicine. He writes a blog to share his experiences in areas of his interest such as veterinary, pets, gardening, occult, social media etc. He says” One can express all his feelings by writing only”.

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