Can we get rabies if a dog licks our face?

Rabies- hyped fear

No, not a chance. Please be assured dogs are not snakes. You cannot get rabies if a dog licks you. The fear of rabies is much hyped and away from reality. Rabies eradication program involves funding of many international NGOs. That’s millions of dollar.

Dog are living with the human for many thousands of years. Dogs do not possess any venom that can kill any human just by licking.

Rabies virus is neurogenic, that means to transmit rabies virus from infected dog to human, exposure of nerve is necessary. Rabies virus cannot be transmitted through blood (like AIDS or malaria).

Therefore, it is very safe to let your dog or any dog lick you if he likes you.

Small animal veterinarian for last 20 years. works in self-owned pet clinic in Ranchi, India called Pluto Pet Clinic. Published several articles on pets and social media in various national and international pet magazines, blogs. Part of many international organisations including Nabuur, Mission Rabies, Asian Society of small animal dermatology, WSAVA.

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