Breeds of dog suited for apartment

Breeds of Dog suited for Apartment

Are Dogs suited for Apartment at all!!!

It’s difficult to answer such a question from personal point of because i have a pet and i do live in an apartment.

I have seen German shepherd, saint bernard,Spitz, pomeranian living in apartment, but perhaps in most of the time i have seen Pugs and beagles in an apartment. Large breed require a separate room . No matter how large your dog is , they require Space for exercise, you have to take them to terrace or a nearby field and make them tired. Space does not matter to keep a dog , it is your love for them which actually matters.

Just keep certain things in mind

  1. Socialization- In apartment there are many families living close including kids. your dog should be able to mix with them and socialize with the.
  2. Exercise- There should be a playground or empty space near your apartment where you can take your dog out for nature call morning and evening and also for exercise.
  3. muzzling- You should keep your dog muzzled if some guest comes to your house who are afraid of dogs.
  4. Vaccination- they should certainly be vaccinated as per schedule.

So don’t prevent yourself to getting a dog if you want to. to encourage you i post some pictures of dogs living in apartment.

Labrador in apartment in Ranchi
Labrador in apartment
Two dogs in a small apartment
Two dogs in a small apartment
Spitz in a small apartment
Spitz in a small apartment

Labrador in a small house

Labrador in an apartment

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