Top 5 best dog breeds for apartment life!!

Are Dogs suited for Apartment at all!!!

Potential dog owners ask me this question repeatedly “Please suggest some dog breeds for an apartment”. It is difficult to answer such a question because I have a pet and I do live in an apartment.I see German shepherd, Spitz, Pomeranian, Labradors living in apartments. To select dog breeds for apartment certain points need to be reckoned. 

Points to consider.

I have considered following points while selected the best dog breeds for an apartment.

  1. Socialization– In the apartment there are many families living close including kids. your dog should be able to mix with them and socialize with them.
  2. Exercise- There should be a playground or empty space near your apartment where you can take your dog out for nature call morning and evening and also for exercise. Breeds requiring less exercise are best for an apartment. 
  3. muzzling- You should keep your dog muzzled if some guest comes to your house who are afraid of dogs.
  4. Toilet training- Breeds of dogs that can be toilet trained easily. 
  5. Shedding- shedding pose a problem in a small apartment. choose breeds who shed less.

Labrador in apartment Two dogs in a small apartment Spitz in a small apartment


My Personal experience Having said everything, I would like to advise on certain breeds. Never keep Pitbull, German Shepherds, Rottweillers, Saint Bernard in apartments. This is more so if there is no space nearby for their exercise. I have seen dogs suffering due to lack of free space. Some dogs become a destructive dog when they become bored in small space. Some of these dogs become so depressed that they may even bite their owners or children. Therefore if you live in small apartment, be careful in choosing dogs.

Top 5 dog breeds for apartment life

  1. Pug
  2. Dachshund
  3. Pomeranian
  4. Chihuahua
  5. Beagle

All these dogs are cat-like. They do not need to go a walk every day. When you are away, they spend their time sleeping. They are less destructive as opposed to German Shepherds or Labradors. These breeds won’t chew off the items of furniture. German Shepherds, Golden retriever puppies or labrador puppies chew the furniture. They shed less. Among pugs, I will suggest black pug instead of fawn colour one. Black pugs shed less. 

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