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A true dog lover of Ranchi- Mr Uttam Kujur

A true dog lover  Mr Uttam kujur is a dog lover in the true sense. He has two dogs in his home. numerous dogs in his extended family.  Additionally, we are proud to say we are attached to his family serving his dogs for almost five years now. This is a matter of pride. No […]

boxer pup for sale in Jamshedpur

Boxer Pup for sale

These boxer pups are available for sale. The interested person may call Mr Ravi’s number for buying. Fixed price no bargaining. If you do not agree to pay the price don not call.  Price is Rs 17000 for the male pup and Rs 16000 for a female pup. Here is the seller’s number -9334009684 Please […]

Mr Sundeep Toppo and Mrs Akriti Dhan

feeding and products recommended for two desi dogs

  Thanks for the visit Mr Sundeep Toppo & Mrs Akriti Dhan Here are the products I recommended in prescription     I would like to see your dog exactly like dogs in video Just in case your dogs like to eat the canine creek as given in samples For tick and flea control Give […]

food forbidden for dogs

Top 10 deadly food for dogs

Foods to avoid for dogs Here is a list of food that should not be fed to dogs. Moreover, This acts like slow poison. Consequently, your dog will suffer from kidney or liver failure. Renal failure is a major noninfectious cause of untimely death of dogs.

Dog breeder of Hilo Hawaii

Famous Dog Breeder of Hawaii Leilani Kaneshiro- “Lei” in short is a well-known World famous dog breeder of Hawaii. Leilani started breeding dogs on the year 1984. Since then she had been breeding Bullmastiff for over 30 years. She is considered a specialist in breeding french mastiff and bull mastiff. This a short description to […]

Delicious Golgappa hawker of Ranchi you do not know

रांची के कुछ मशहूर गोलगप्पा विक्रेता

Raj Raut

Pet Shop in Patna – Raj Raut

Happy Pet Shop Patna Happy Pet shop is run by Mr Raj Raut. He is a pet enthusiast from childhood. This is why he chose this profession. Raj is known for the original puppies. Additionally, he is equally known for birds. Raj has never cheated anyone. Sells only the original breeds of dogs. Additionally, he […]

golden retriever puppies in Ranchi

Canine Distemper – a dreadful disease

How dangerous canine distemper really is? Much has been said about canine distemper. you will find much information all over the internet and text. Still, I felt a need to write something about this disease because I have something to say based on my experience. This is a disease of dogs which when affecting dogs […]

Labrador Pup at Raj Kennel Patna

पटना में कुत्ते कहां से ख़रीदे

list of places to buy dogs in Patna

Parvo viral bloody diarrhoea in dog due to wrong vaccination

डॉग बिक्रेताओं से कुत्तो का टीका करवाया तो इस मुसीबत में पड़े

कुत्तो का टीका dogbreeder से करवाने से क्या मुसीबत हुआ पढ़े. डॉग ब्रीडर से कुत्तो का टीका करवाने से कुत्ते की जान जा सकती है। अभी हाल ही में श्री शमूएल टोपनो ने अपने जर्मन शेफर्ड का टीका रांची के एक जाने माने डॉग ब्रीडर से करवाया ।टिका करवाने के कुछ ही दिनों बाद एक […]

कुत्ते खरीदने के बाद क्या करें – क्या ना करें

Do and don’t after getting a puppy.This is in hindi

Pet Store

रांची के कुछ प्रमुख पशु दवाखाना

रांची में पशु दवा दुकान

Vegetarian food recipe for your dogs

Homemade vegetarian dog food My earlier post on making a pet vegetarian received too much traffic. Therefore,I have attempted to write some tried and tested food recipe for veggie dogs: Pulses soaked overnight are pressure cooked along with vegetables and served with mild salt. Fruit Salad-Strawberries, blueberries, apples, cantaloupe, watermelon and bananas all are great […]

veggie dog

Can Dogs and Cats be vegetarian!!!

νegetarianism is traditionally followed in India and most of the Asian countries. In western countries also vegetarianism or vegans are increasing.In the United Kingdom now there are 5,40,000 people who are vegan or do not eat any animal products including milk, cheese and honey. Therefore pet owners are feeling a need to make their pet a […]

Read This! before buying a dog!

Read This!! Before you buy a Dog!

Dog owners in India or Asia bring home a pet but unable to bear high cost of vaccination and food, so they go to dog breeders for spurious vaccination and start giving left over food to their pets.

a healthy dog

Tips to prevent your pet from skin diseases without drugs

Is it really possible to save pets from getting skin diseases? This year American is expected to spend a whopping 70 billion dollar on their pets. This year American is expected to spend a whopping 70 billion dollar on their Pets. Half of this money accounts for skin problems. This boatload of money can easily […]

Newly married couple with their dog

Having A Dog can improve your love life- Here is How…

A dog can save a marriage or can make one happen This is a scientifically proven fact that any man who can tender care to a pet, qualifies more as a good lover than those who do not own a pet. Consequently, Girls tend to trust more a person who has a dog. This is […]

Pooch visitors of Pluto Pet clinic Ranchi

Ruxana with her newly bought dog in Pluto Pet Clinic Ranchi

Advice for first-time pet owners Ruxana bought a new Spitz dog. Soon after getting the new pet from kennel she searched over the internet for a pet clinic in Ranchi and She found Pluto Pet Clinic. Inspired by our  page for first-time pet owners, she booked an appointment with us. Accordingly, we advised on feeding, how […]

Pug Tomaco hides in bosoms of her owner

Our valued client Dr Neha Minj

Once a Pluto Always a Pluto DR Neha Minj is a regular visitor in our clinic. We have put here photos of her two consecutive visits.  You can see how fast her pug- Tomaco has grown up. She feeds our recommended diet. Pluto Pet Clinic Ranchi takes measures so that pet does not fall sick at […]

German Shepherd

Aman with German Shepherd in Pluto Pet Clinic Ranchi

Clients from nearby town Mr Aman visits our Pet clinic in Ranchi from the nearby town of “Bero”. He covers 65 Km to come to our clinic. We are treating and taking care of his German shepherd since 2015. We once saved him from severe diarroea, when all another pet clinic in Ranchi failed. He […]

Persian Cat in Pluto Pet Clinic Ranchi

Beautiful cat April in our Pet Clinic

Persian Cat in our Pet Clinic In this post, I am sharing some beautiful pictures of  April. April is a Persian Cat. Her owner Dr Tuhina loves her very much. She visited our clinic on 19th August 2017. We felt honoured when she told us that Pluto Pet Clinic is the best pet clinic of […]

Slow bowl is correct bowl for dogs

Food Bowl can kill your Dog

Observation Recently a leading Dog feed company demonstrated a new range of food for dogs. They gave me a lot of samples to try. I tried this food by serving the dogs that came to our clinic. they liked the food very much. I found that some dogs who were anorectic or not eating for some – […]

Meow Bari- Ideal home for Cats

A loving family to care for your feline babies while you’re away on work or pleasure. We provide day-care services as well. Meow Baari is managed, supported, and run, by animal lovers, who have been involved in rescuing and fostering of at-risk street animals (primarily dogs and cats), as well as extensive vaccination and sterilisation […]

Should you worry of falling in subway tracks in New York

How likely Every subway rider’s worst fears were reignited over the weekend when on Friday  Bonnie Currie- a 61-year-old woman was groped from behind was pushed off a platform onto the tracks by a complete stranger. It happened on the uptown platform of the F and M train station at West 14th Street and Sixth […]

Food for young puppy

I am writing this article for the first time dog owners. I have seen much death in pups because of feeding wrong food. 6 to 8 weeks of age At this age, a pup should get mothers milk. sometimes it is not possible to keep a pup with the mother and it is at this crucial […]

Feed your dog Raw

Professional dog organisations such racing dogs, police dog or sniffer dogs are fed raw diets all over the world. Yet raw feeding is not in vogue in house dogs. When it comes to feeding dogs veterinarian as well as pet owners care for two things Nutritional Integrity Food safety A dogs diet should be complete […]

Human Food that your dog should avoid

Don’t feed human food to your dog 1.Milk is good for dogs. Maybe it is good, but milk has its own set of problems when fed to an adult dog. When a dog is young it has enzymes in her stomach to digest milk but as the dog grows up that enzyme is no longer […]

Tips to choose a dog breeder

Last month one of our valued client Mr Jack Andrew gave us a call that he is unable to sleep or even take rest. His four-year-old Labrador retriever- Julie has given birth to eight cute adorable puppies. They are crying for food even in the middle of the night. I was told further that she ran […]

Scientist view on benefits of a Pet

  There is no doubt that living with pets benefits us. Scientist all over the world has tried to quantified the benefit through their research. In this article, we have tried to show some notable benefit of keeping pets. More years to live Some scientist at the University of Pennsylvania it was found that pet […]

Leptospirosis bacteria spread via urine – serious zoonotic disease

    Home Pet Vaccination Kennels & catteries Breeders Links About us GB I/SP Websites Tools & Preferences Home Pet Vaccination Diseases Leptospirosis Pet Vaccination Why vaccinate? Boosters Vaccine safety Diseases Parvovirus Distemper Infectious Canine Hepatitis Leptospirosis Kennel Cough Rabies Coronavirus Viral cat ‘flu Bacterial cat ‘flu Feline leukaemia Panleucopaenia Chlamydophila Myxomatosis Rabbit haemorrhagic disease […]

home cooked food for dogs

Home cooked food for dogs suffering from kidney failure

 Foreword I observed that visitor are coming back to this page again and again. This clearly shows how concerned pet parents are to save their dogs suffering from kidney failure, especially from chronic kidney disease(CKD). I can understand the situation when your vet had given up on your dog and you are in despair. It […]


A Pug is very childlike and always needs to be with you. If not spoiled too much, he can be depended on to maintain his sweet, comical, charming personality.

Pugs are fine with other animals, though they can be jealous of another pet sitting in your lap.

Dogs and me

Dogs and me As dog owners, we take for granted that we can point to a ball or toy and our dog will bound off to get it. But the ability of dogs to read human gestures is remarkable. Even our closest relatives—chimpanzees and bonobos—can’t read our gestures as readily as dogs can. Dogs are […] […]

Tips to care a pug

Pug is one of the popular breed of dog in India and all over the world. it has its own set of problems. being a brachycephalic( a short and wide head) dog with bulging eyes, every now and then it gets hurt in eyes. its numerous fold in the mouth is also a problem. Here […]

Homemade food for Dogs

  Dr Suranjan Sarkar. 11-07-2017 Foods to give For an adult dog Rice, raw and boiled Vegetables, potato, milk products such as Paneer, Curd, Whey, pressure cooked chicken and mutton, Eggs, Chappati (if tolerated), fruits such as apple, mango, litchi, Papaya, Banana, Fish. Foods to Avoid Oil. Salt, Sugar, Chocolate, Milk. Among vegetable tomatoes, onion […]

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