national pet insurance

National petinsurancequotes-perfect portal for pet insurance-Protect Pets-Save money!!

Pet insurance covering the vet bills American national Pet insurance association predicts that pet owners are likely to spend more than $60 billion on their animals. Obviously, the large chunk will go to pet food and accessories. About $ 16 billion will be spent on vet bills.  About one in three pets get sick every […]

Dog lick Rabies

Can we get rabies if a dog licks our feet?

Rabies- hyped fear No, not a chance. Please be assured dogs are not snakes. You cannot get rabies if a dog licks you. The fear of rabies is much hyped and away from reality. Rabies eradication program involves funding of many international NGOs. That’s millions of dollar. Dog are living with the human for many thousands […]

dog behaviour

Dog Etiquette starts with full trained owner

Dog Etiquette Starts With a Well-Trained Owner  Dogs can be a great addition to your life. They love unconditionally and are extremely loyal, and the way they wag their tails on even the rainiest days makes their owners and others smile. But not everyone loves dogs. Some only like well-behaved pets, and others want nothing […]

fit dog

Is Your Dog Physically Fit?

The obesity crisis in Dogs There’s another obesity crisis in the country, and it’s happening to our dogs. More than half of all dogs are overweight or obese, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. While a pudgy pup may look cute, those few extra pounds wreak havoc on your pet’s well-being: Dogs that […]

Royal Canin Gastrointestinal

Diet for dogs suffering from chronic digestive trouble – ROYAL CANIN VETERINARY DIET® GASTROINTESTINAL™ !!

This is the diet we always recommend. There are lots of dogs out there suffering from various kinds of digestive troubles. Some of them are so sick that they are losing weight day by day. and yet when examined we do not find any diseases, not pancreatitis, nor any enzyme related problems and yet they […]

Canine Creek puppy food – why it is so popular!!!

Ingredients for success Chicken as dog food- Chicken is the most popular meat found in dog foods. It is highly palatable, relatively inexpensive and provides an excellent source of protein. For most dogs, chicken is very easy to digest. Cold-formed kibbles Cold-formed as high temperature destroys nutrition. therefore, kibbles are formed in cold temperature. Grain […]

Rabies vaccination makes a dog ferocious

Rabies vaccination makes a dog ferocious!!!

Rabies Miasm This is a condition in which the dog behaviour after rabies vaccine mirrors the symptoms of having contracted rabies. There are particular dog behavioural changes after rabies shot that stand out and should be a cause for concern with any dog owner. Behavioral reactions to the rabies shot may vary between aggressive behaviour towards […]

divyansh kennel ranchi

Saint Bernard and Cocker spaniel pups available in Ranchi! Only two left!!

Divyansh kennel has earned its reputation because of its fair practices. This kennel humanely treats animals. They breed saint bernard, cocker spaniel, Labradors, German shepherds…. you name ..they have the dog. We are happy referring him because he recommends out clinic for his dogs. and here are some videos of the kennel here is his phone number […]

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