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For Apartment Dog- A pet camera to keep your dog from barking

If your dog’s barking while you’re away is bothering the neighbours, you can quiet down Fido with the help of the Furbo Dog Camera. This cool device will send you notifications if your pooch is barking, and it lets you talk to your dog and even feed him a treat or two.

Pet Camera That Is Designed For Dogs

Furbo is a smart dog camera that lets you see, talk, and even toss treats to your dog.
            With the input from professional trainers and vets,
Furbo is designed to make sure your dog can always feel your love.

separation anxiety in dogs
Naughty dog – Lying dog in the middle of mess in the kitchen

When you’re away from home, Furbo Dog Camera will let you keep tabs on your pooch, comfort them and even give them treats. 
The peace of mind that comes with keeping the furriest member of your family safe can help you build a stronger relationship with your dog. 
Packed with features, Furbo is the next-best thing to being home with your pup.


Furbo’s Alexa Skills Help Alleviate Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Incorporate Furbo in your morning routines 

I recommend making the exits as low-key as possible. For example, put your shoes on in your room, don’t let your keys jingle and don’t tell your pet over and over you’re leaving. 

 “This is where my Furbo comes in. By using Alexa, I can ask her to start a treat tossing schedule as I’m gathering my things to head out the door. This way, my pup sees me getting ready to go, but is quickly distracted by the sound of treats on the way!

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